The Ultimate Checklist for Staging Homes by Top 10 Property Agents UK

The Ultimate Checklist for Staging Homes by Top10 Property Agents UK

Wouldn’t it be nice if you walked into what could potentially be your next home and saw the interiors in pristine condition?

According to a recent study, that’s exactly what 80% home buyers look for- a beautifully maintained home ready to make more memories.

That’s one of the top reasons why Estate Agents in Leeds believe a staged home is the key to happiness, for both the buyers and the sellers.

If you’re wondering how to get started, we have a shopping list ready for you right here.

Put Yourself In Your Buyer’s Shoe

The first thing estate agents want you to do when you’re selling your home is to walk around your space and figure out what might appeal to the buyers.

This is simply the planning phase where you can conceptualize or visualize all the ways you can make your home more snug and comfortable.

De-clutter and Decorate

A messy home will always drive away potential buyers. I mean, would you want to walk into a disheveled room and think of buying the place?

Before you wave goodbye to your old home, make sure you have organized and decluttered your space so that it looks more spacious and clean.

In fact, adding a touch of personalization like old family photos can actually add up to the emotional quotient of the home.

Decide on First Impression Makers

When we asked our estate agents in Leeds what makes a home sell, they said highlighting the best feature of the house and promoting it throughout.

It could be the crystal clear pool or the beautiful garden out front. Something as trivial as decorating your front porch or adding some fun elements to your living room could add up to the aesthetic value of the property making your home a stunner at the first sight.

Don’t Forget the Bathroom

Home buyers are looking for a safe haven they can call home and that means paying extra attention to the kitchen and the bathroom area.

While you’re de-cluttering your bedroom and drawing room, don’t forget to the tiles and grout in the bathroom and kitchen floors.

Removing old stains and keeping your kitchen and bathroom squeaky clean will definitely add a few brownie points to your home.

Make Your Home Memorable to Your Buyers

Sure, home buyers go through at least 2-3 properties in a day, based on how proactively they are looking.

At the end of the day, they’d probably just sit down and choose from the list they’ve visited and shortlist the ones that made an impact. This brings us to the question- how did your home make an impact? Even with nice interiors and an outstanding curb appeal, what sticks is the aura of the home.

It could be anything from the incandescent lighting in the backyard to the smell of cookies baking in the kitchen, from scented candles in the bathroom to contrasting curtains against the cream bedroom walls- appeal to their senses is the trick.

Although these pointers are mostly for residential homes, commercial agents in Leeds swear by the same when it comes to commercial properties.

If you’re not sure how to go about this alone, we have a ready directory of acclaimed estate agents in UK, prepared to walk you through this big sell.

Simply visit our official website and choose from our list of top-notch estate agents in UK and connect with the one you feel like.