How Do I Switch Estate Agents in London?

Switching estate agents in London can be a strategic move if you’re not getting the desired results with your current agent. This guide covers when and how to switch estate agents in London, considerations before making the change, and important steps to follow for a smooth transition. We also answer frequently asked questions about switching estate agents in London. read more

Historic Estate Agents in UK Chestertons Now Shares Ownership Title with Swiss Equity Firm Emeria

In the latest property market news, one of UK’s heritage real estate Agents, Chestertons, was acquired by Swiss Private Equity Firm Partners Group, Emeria for a mysteriously generous sum of money! According to experts, the Emeria deal came as a blessing in disguise for the otherwise grappling financial situation, these 200-year-old estate agents in London were facing for a while. read more

What Does an Estate Agent Do?

The real estate market is a multibillion-pound industry and involves the renting, buying, and selling of properties, homes & houses. It is a very competitive market. The real estate agent is the point of contact between the buyer and the seller. They guide both parties and make sure that the transaction is smooth and profitable for both ends. read more

How To Find Affordable Housing in Manchester?

Why not to move to the MOST LIEVABLE CITY IN THE UK ??

A recent global liveability survey surely says it’s worth ever penny!

Over the last couple of years, the real estate prospects in Manchester has seen quite an upgrade, making it one of the most favorable cities to move to in Northwest England. This in turn, boosted employment opportunities and eventually, the living costs of that area. Today Manchester, also known as the ‘ first industrialized city in the world ‘ as come a long way in terms of not just finding a suitable housing, but employment and entertainment parameters too! This brings us to one simple question- read more

The Ultimate Checklist for Staging Homes by Top 10 Property Agents UK

Wouldn’t it be nice if you walked into what could potentially be your next home and saw the interiors in pristine condition?

According to a recent study, that’s exactly what 80% home buyers look for- a beautifully maintained home ready to make more memories.

That’s one of the top reasons why Estate Agents in Leeds believe a staged home is the key to happiness, for both the buyers and the sellers. read more

The Evolution of Property Hunting

Can you imagine what property hunting and buying in the past would look like?

Manually searching for properties, constantly keeping in touch with the community heads, negotiating prices and still settling for a price above your range.

We may not know much, but we know there was a lot of unnecessary legwork involved. read more

Buying Your Dream Home in 2022? 3 Tips From Our Estate Agents

Buying a home is more of an asset than an investment.

Imagine securing a roof over your head; providing your family or loved ones with a perfect accommodation; working towards making your dream house a place you can call home!

Buying a home is in fact a step towards progression. However, taking such a crucial step alone may not always be easy. read more

Can Estate Agents Really Help in Your Relocation Out of UK?

Imagining yourself in a whole new city, surrounded by whole new prospects- it sure sounds exciting, doesn’t it? New eateries to discover, new cultures to explore, a whole new lifestyle to experience- the sky is the limit.

Now, imagine moving out of your old settled home into a brand new home- setting up utilities, bringing in the furnishings, and most importantly, finding a new place to begin with! Moving homes is never easy, especially if you’re moving across countries. From handling legal matters to understanding the area of your residence or commercial property- it can all be a tad bit overwhelming if you are taking this responsibility alone on your shoulders. read more