What Does an Estate Agent Do?

The real estate market is a multibillion-pound industry and involves the renting, buying, and selling of properties, homes & houses. It is a very competitive market. The real estate agent is the point of contact between the buyer and the seller. They guide both parties and make sure that the transaction is smooth and profitable for both ends. read more

How To Find The Right Estate Agent in Edinburgh?

House hunting is anything but easy. Whether you’re looking for some temporary renting possibilities or dreaming of settling down on your favorite property in Edinburgh- cracking the real estate market is no bed of roses. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for sub par living accommodations; especially when you have top-notch estate agents in Edinburgh right at your disposal. read more

How To Find Affordable Housing in Manchester?

Why not to move to the MOST LIEVABLE CITY IN THE UK ??

A recent global liveability survey surely says it’s worth ever penny!

Over the last couple of years, the real estate prospects in Manchester has seen quite an upgrade, making it one of the most favorable cities to move to in Northwest England. This in turn, boosted employment opportunities and eventually, the living costs of that area. Today Manchester, also known as the ‘ first industrialized city in the world ‘ as come a long way in terms of not just finding a suitable housing, but employment and entertainment parameters too! This brings us to one simple question- read more