Can Estate Agents Really Help in Your Relocation Out of UK?

Can Estate Agents Really Help in Your Relocation Out of UK?

Imagining yourself in a whole new city, surrounded by whole new prospects- it sure sounds exciting, doesn’t it? New eateries to discover, new cultures to explore, a whole new lifestyle to experience- the sky is the limit.

Now, imagine moving out of your old settled home into a brand new home- setting up utilities, bringing in the furnishings, and most importantly, finding a new place to begin with! Moving homes is never easy, especially if you’re moving across countries. From handling legal matters to understanding the area of your residence or commercial property- it can all be a tad bit overwhelming if you are taking this responsibility alone on your shoulders.

A quick hassle-free solution? Hiring Estate Agents to make your relocation feel like a cakewalk. While your estate agents take care of the legwork, you can simply focus on packing up your home and gearing up for a whole new journey!

But Do We Really Need Estate Agents for a Relocation ?

Now, the first question that comes to mind when we are talking relocation is finances! Relocating is anything but easy on the pocket and an added investment on hiring estate agents may seem weird. But here is the deal- there are a lot of intricacies involved in moving countries. What happens to the home you’re leaving behind? Where will you move in once you’ve reached your destination? Can the neighborhood you stay in really make you feel at home? What is the current value of properties in that area and what is the appraised value of your property here in the UK?

Your estate agent will have answers to all your relocation ‘How-To’ If smoothing the path to your new home is on the top of your priority list- here’s how relocation estate agents can help-

Finding A Neighborly Neighborhood

Think schooling, piano lessons, swim centers, distance from your work, distance from the nearest hub, safety and security of the neighborhood- everything needs to be taken into consideration if you want your new property to feel like home! However, its physically impossible for you to personally travel to and fro to find out about all these possibilities which is where our estate agents and their ballooning network comes into play.

Meeting Criteria

The wife wants a front porch and you want a bar-b-q deck. The kids on the other hand wants their very own room and the dog has been whining about a garden! Everyone in the family wants a little something for their new home and once you let your real estate agents in on the criteria, finding your dream home, even in a brand new place, will be a breeze! Can you imagine sitting back and relaxing while your estate agents bring you some of the best up and coming properties in a place you know little about! Talk about time and effort saving power moves, right?

Negotiating Nitty-Gritty

Your estate agent will ask the awkward questions and your estate agent will negotiate the hundreds and thousands on your behalf- that definitely should have been our argument opener! Your estate agents know everything there is on property values, selling prices, property pros and cons and more! For instance, imagine moving to Barbados for the serene beaches and the golden baked sands and getting a steal deal on a property just because your agents are well versed in Barbados properties and their value. You get the best deals without having to haggle for it.

Liaising for a Smooth Transition

There’s more to signing the papers of your new property. The new property is now all yours and a new life awaits- but there are still some tit-bits left that your estate agent can help you out with to make sure your transition to your new country is smooth. From dealing with the aspects and prospects of your purchase to working with the surveyor, consulting with solicitors, liaising with planners, and dealing with basic hiccups on the road- your estate agent has your back.

Relocation Made Relaxing

Relocation is taxing, no doubt; but with the right minds working by your side, you can make your relocation process smoother than butter! However, choosing the right estate agents is crucial if you don’t want to get duped in the process. Here are some red flags you should be looking out for when you’re hiring estate agents!If your estate agent comes up with a huge bill at the end of their services without any proper breakdown, chances are there are hidden charges that were not disclosed to you beforehand. Ask for transparency before you work with relocation agencies.

  1. If your estate agent is not well versed with the area you’re moving to, chances are he’s going to run short of alternatives and choices when showing you around. Make sure you ask ample questions beforehand to test the water yourself.
  2. If your estate agent isn’t being clear about the scope and range of their services, chances are he’s not going to be as helpful as you want him to be. Finding a place in a new city is not enough to turn it into a home!
  3. If your estate agent isn’t being clear about the scope and range of their services, chances are he’s not going to be as helpful as you want him to be. Finding a place in a new city is not enough to turn it into a home!

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