Living Luxury Lifestyle in Europe Became Visible.


First Class Homes Cyprus Tell You Everything You Need to Know On settling in Cyprus with a new home.

Who said UK citizens have to settle for gloomy skies and bustling city noises?

As a Mediterranean melting pot of tropical beaches, adventure nooks, and lush scenery- the island of Cyprus is the sunniest, hottest destination of the year. There is a special arrangement between the UK and Cyprus and British citizen do require an entry visa to visit Cyprus. Furthermore, it’s a very simple procedure for British to receive a European Residency in Cyprus for the entire family once they purchase a house of 300k and above.

Your dream to live on the island could come true.

You probably think that sunny skies and sipping margarita on the beach doesn’t fit your everyday routine, but what if we told you, you could?

The island of Cyprus has been under the British Empire for a while and became a spotlight destination for  European residency because of its immense living potential. From a thriving residential market offering luxury properties to worthy commercial real estate, both for sale and rent- life in Cyprus does sound like a dream come true. However, living the luxe life and enjoying some sun basking is not even close to what living in Cyprus is all about. There’s so much to do and so many places to explore.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

  • There is hardly a winter. You can enjoy an average of 330 sunny days a year.
  • The economy is self-supporting in terms of not only green energy resources (solar and wind), but also local food production. The bills for hot water and heating are the lowest due to mild winter. The robust agrarian economy produces enough food, at the lowest prices, for the one million natives, as well as the 4 to 5 million tourists every year. 
  • The environment is absolutely family-friendly, with the lowest crime rate in Europe, and a top -notch Oxford and Cambridge based education. 
  • The infrastructure is highly sophisticated, including green energy plants, comprehensive shopping amenities, state-of-the-art healthcare, and a stable, growing, luxury economy.
  • There is no lack of things to do in Cyprus, either. Spend the day on one of the many blue beaches, take a walk in the mountains, take advantage of one of the many bicycles or running tracks, or take a cruise to a Mediterranean destination.
  • Health security is covered by Government scheme called Gesy (like NHS in UK) and available to any legal Resident Permanently resign in Cyprus and paying social contribution.
  • Businesses can enjoys the lowest taxation in Europe – 12.5 % and the unbeatable advantage of 2.5 % tax for IT companies which relocate to Cyprus.
  • Rentals are very high in Cyprus because of the yearly influx of tourists. A savvy real estate investor can earn as much as 8% ROI annually. The key question is: “how do you gain access to all these benefits to Cyrus real estate safely and reliably?” Naturally, you need a reliable point of contact to help you navigate all aspects of the process.

Here’s an answer you been waiting for

Thanks to real estate moguls like First Class Homes, today UK citizens can think about setting up a second base in Cyprus. A vacation home maybe? Or a business expansion in mind? First Class Homes can make your dreams come true.

Permanent or Temporary Living

Think of Cyprus real estate as an investment that comes with glistening up to 8% ROI. You buy yourself a luxury vacation home in the safest crime free island of Cyprus and you can come here for long holiday whenever you wish. The rest of the time you can rent your property out for a short-term letting and receive a huge return on your investment in cash.

Connecting with the local crowd

Now here’s the most important part. If you’re thinking about real estate opportunities in Cyprus, connecting with someone who knows the ins and outs of the island would make your move less effortless.

An All-Inclusive Experience by First Class Homes Cyprus

As one of the top-notch, licensed realty practitioners in Cyprus, First Class Homes has a lucrative list of residential and commercial luxury properties. The best part? Their properties are categorized according to your requirements which means hassle-free living is guaranteed, no matter the duration.

Now that you’re considering to move in Cyprus, do you want to connect with some experienced local estate agents around town? Let us help you with a brief introduction.  will tell you all about the incredible prospects First Class Homes Cyprus has to offer.

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