How much do Letting Agents Charge to Manage a Property in Edinburgh

How much do Letting Agents Charge to Manage a Property

Being a landlord is a great self-investment that comes with a lot of responsibility, at least if you are looking for a return on investment. If you wish to have a stress-free renting journey you must brace yourself for tenant complaints, leaks, non-payments and also keep abreast of the letting laws, health and safety requirements. However, if you do not wish to go through this, then passing these responsibilities to a letting agent might be the smart thing to do. But, what is the agent fee for selling property, Edinburgh?

Well, property management involves a wide range of services. It includes property marketing, rent collection, property inspections, tenant screening, property maintenance, financial reporting, Etc. The service is not limited to residential property owners but also provided to commercial property. A good example is in Edinburgh that provides management services for both residential and commercial property.

Since letting agents have almost similar rates. It is important to look out for the agent management agreement just to be sure of all fees that are charged. You do not want to smile at an 8% monthly property management fee only to find out tons of hidden fees after signing the contract. Commonly exempted fees that you might run a risk of being charged later include additional inspection fee, change of agent fee, serving fees etc. Go through the contract with your letting agent and understand terms such as rent collected, rent due or rental value that would have a great implication on the management fee. It is advisable to go for a property management company that only wants to get paid a percentage of say, the agent fee for selling property, Edinburgh or the rent collected.

Having said that, it is quite clear that hiring a letting agent goes beyond the rates offered. Well, it would be great to find a low-price agent offering a great package, however, it is not the case in most instances. The property management fee is capped depending on services offered, and client’s needs. For example, some investors or landlords would want full management while others would go for partial management

The typical full management package is between 10-15% inclusive of VAT for most letting agents. However, some prefer to charge extra costs for services like finding new tenancy, marketing, advertising, photography etc. Below is a look at some of the management fees charged by top rated property management agents in Edinburgh.


As earlier noted, the monthly management package for most agents ranges from 10-15%. For example: Charges a 10%+VAT for monthly property management. charges 10.5% for the full Management Service. offers 10% property management with no hidden costs, and two months of free management provides a competitive rate of 12%/month with no VAT.

Some letting agents charge different fees depending on the type of property. Below is a sample of those agencies in Edinburgh. – offers different management fees for different properties. For 1-5 properties, they charge 12% (10%+tax 6-15 properties 10.8% (9% + VAT) and a different price for more than 15 properties.

Property Management Fee for Single-Family Homes charge $65 Per Month

Property Management Fee for Multi-Unit Rentals 4 Unit Minimum $40 Per Month

Tennant Placement Service for Lease Option Only One-Time Flat Fee: $400

The other fee that is in not always calculated in the full management package is the new tenancy and marketing fee. If you wish to get these services, below are the figures you might be looking at from different letting agencies

Extramileletting –charges £300 (£250 + VAT) £250 for a new tenancy, with marketing, viewings, credit & reference checks & inventory charges £250+VAT marketing fee for each new tenancy. An initial set up fee of £95.00 for finding new tenants at a later date, it is reduced to £75.

At Clan Gordon- charges a £175 +VAT marketing fee, this includes advertising (on all of the main property portals), photographs and a ‘to let’ board.

Braidburnproperty– charges £185 deducted from the first month’s rent, NO VAT. Covers marketing. For new tenancy, landlords pay 75% of the first month’s rent

The analysis above evidently shows that most letting agents charge an extra fee for full management services. Landlords or investors should ensure that they understand the contract properly before signing it. Hidden costs always result to disagreements and conflicts between letting agents and landlords.